Research Point 3 – Op Artists

Looking at Op Artist work, they remind me now of architectural drawings, accurate and precise, than they do of paintings, and perhaps they were drawings more so than paintings with exacting lines easier to make with a pen, than a brush.  Bridget Riley used oil on linen to create her line paintings, I wonder what they look like up close?


Ka 3, 1980 (oil on linen), Riley, Bridget (b.1931) / Private Collection / Photo © Christie’s Images / Bridgeman Images

Riley was highly influenced by Seurat’s pointillism and even copied his painting Bridge at Courbevoie.


Bridget Riley,Copy after Seurat s Bridge at Courbevoie, 1959 Credit: Bridget Riley/ Karsten Schubert


The Bridge at Courbevoie, 1886-87, Seurat, Georges Pierre (1859-91) / Samuel Courtauld Trust, The Courtauld Gallery, London, UK / Bridgeman Images

I find it somewhat comforting that even established artist copy those who came before them to understand their process and technique. The optical illusion of the points makes me feel like I’m looking at grainy film, although Seurat’s is more subtle and calm, the clusters in Riley’s are brighter, bigger and more pronounced.

Riley says ““I believed – and in fact still believe – that looking carefully at paintings is the best training you can have as a young painter.”¹

My favourite Op Artist has actually become a friend of mine, who lives around the corner from me. I saw his work 3 years ago and wrote my first artist blog on him when studying textiles.

Hi name is Yohei Yama. I saw some of his most recent work at an exhibition not long ago, but his first show in Saigon has always stuck with me. Here is the blog post I’d written.


Paintings roled up, look like carpets.

I just found another great article about Yohei here.

Yohei repeats this tiny tree motif over and over again by hand, often in circular patterns


He also does incredible line-work patterns he calls ‘WIND’


I can’t find any of the photos I have taken, and Yohei’s website is under construction now, but will be sure to add more soon.



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